The Beatmaker’s Journey: It’s Okay to Develop Your Vision Along the Way

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In the world of music, especially when pursuing a career as a beatmaker, it’s rare to start with a clear vision. Many artists and creators find their style and direction as they progress. This article focuses on the message that “it’s okay not to have a vision from the start,” and explores ways to cultivate your vision as you grow as a beatmaker.

Section 1: The Importance of Vision

Vision refers to your musical goals and the image of what kind of beatmaker you want to become. It provides direction for your creative activities and helps maintain motivation. However, in the early stages of your career, this vision can be vague. This is not a problem. In fact, many successful beatmakers have clarified their vision through experience.

Section 2: Discovering Vision Through Experience

The best way to find your vision is to experiment with different styles and genres and gain experience. By exposing yourself to various kinds of music and experimenting, you’ll gradually understand what suits you and what kind of music you want to create. Collaborating with other beatmakers and artists can also provide new perspectives and inspiration.

Section 3: Feedback and Self-Reflection

Accepting feedback on your work is essential for refining your vision. Opinions from audiences and other creators can bring new perspectives to your music and indicate directions for improvement. Regular self-reflection is also important for monitoring your growth and making minor adjustments to your vision.

Section 4: The Evolution and Growth of Your Vision

The vision you initially set will change and evolve over time. Factors like improved skills, discovery of new music, and changes in your life can influence your vision. It’s important not to fear this change but to embrace it as part of your growth. Understand that a vision is not fixed but is always evolving.


As a beatmaker, you don’t need to start with a perfect vision. What’s important is to accumulate experiences, deepen your understanding of your own music, and gradually develop your unique vision. Through this process, your distinct musical style will form, and you will eventually establish a unique identity as a beatmaker unlike any other.

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