The Dangers of Distributing Free Music: Exploitation by Bad Actors

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In recent years, distributing free music online has become increasingly common. For creators, it’s a fantastic opportunity to get their work out to a large audience. However, this distribution method comes with risks. If a bad actor appears, all the hard work put into the activity can be ruined.

What is a Bad Actor?

A bad actor is someone who misuses other people’s work or illegally copies and sells it for their own benefit. They exploit freely distributed music for their own profit.

Damage Caused by Bad Actors

  1. Copyright Infringement: Bad actors may use free music for commercial purposes without permission or falsely claim it as their own work. This constitutes copyright infringement and can lead to legal issues.
  2. Loss of Revenue: If a bad actor illegally copies or sells free music, the revenue that should have gone to the creator is lost.
  3. Reputational Damage: A creator’s reputation may be harmed by the actions of bad actors. If information spreads about free music being exploited, trust in the creator may be lost.


  1. Clearly State Licenses: When distributing free music, clearly state the terms of use by specifying a license. This can help prevent misuse by bad actors.
  2. Monitor and Report: Monitor the activities of bad actors and promptly report any misuse discovered. Some platforms have violation reporting mechanisms in place.
  3. Community Power: Creators who distribute free music can work together and share information to counter bad actors.

Distributing music for free has significant benefits for creators, but it also comes with risks. It’s important to recognize the existence of bad actors and take appropriate countermeasures. To create an environment where creators can distribute music with peace of mind, each and every one of us needs to raise awareness and take action.

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