The Difference in Searching for Rappers on Generalist vs. Specialist Websites

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YouTube, SoundCloud, Audius: Wide but Chaotic Territories

Platforms like YouTube, SoundCloud, and Audius are open to all kinds of music enthusiasts and artists. These generalist websites boast an overwhelming number of users and host a variety of music genres. However, this vastness makes it challenging to find rappers with specific attributes or those who adhere to certain moral standards in their use of rap beats.

Searching here often leads to encounters with artists who don’t match the desired attributes or those who may have ethical issues in their use of rap beats. In a generalist platform, while there is rich diversity, finding an artist who perfectly aligns with specific needs is tricky.

Rapchat, Voloco, BeatStars: Specialization and Quality Matching

On the other hand, the situation is different on sites specialized in rap and beats, like Rapchat, Voloco, and BeatStars. These platforms are dedicated to rap music and its culture, primarily attracting artists and fans passionate about rap. In such environments, it’s easier to find artists whose attributes align more closely and who share ethical values.

Specialist websites, focusing on a narrower audience, facilitate encountering artists who meet individual preferences and tastes. Additionally, the tight-knit communities in these platforms tend to attract members who are more interested in moral and high-quality music production.

Conclusion: Choosing the Platform According to Your Purpose

Generalist websites offer a wide range of choices and various musical experiences but have limitations when searching for rappers with specific attributes or moral standards. In contrast, specialist platforms allow for more targeted searches, promising higher quality matches.

Ultimately, the choice of platform depends on your purpose and needs. If you desire a broad exploration, generalist sites are suitable. However, if you prioritize specific attributes or morals, specialist sites would be the optimal choice.

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