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The Frustrations of Uploading on BeatStars: Navigating the “Tagging Streaming File 45%” Issue and How to Deal With It

BeatStars is a convenient platform for independent artists and producers to sell and promote their music. However, its usefulness sometimes comes with a host of problems, particularly during the upload process. One of the most infuriating issues many encounter is the eternal spinning at “Tagging Streaming File at 45%.”

Solutions from Experience

When you encounter this issue, my experience suggests that the best approach is to cancel the upload, wait for at least an hour, and then try again. If you don’t wait and try to re-upload immediately, you often end up with the error message, “Audio file is already attached to a Track,” or find yourself in a never-ending loop of uploading and deleting the same file over and over.

The Ghost File Problem

Another annoying aspect of this issue is that the file you thought you deleted might linger as a “ghost file” (cached) in your playlist. This is not just an irritation; it can cause the system to get confused when you try to upload an entirely new file, making the entire experience frustrating.

Overcoming the Frustration

While there are various reports and discussions about these problems in forums and communities, solutions are limited as of now. I find myself often thinking, “Not this again,” but continue to use the platform regardless. Most of the time, waiting for a bit before re-attempting the upload does resolve the issue.


While BeatStars offers a myriad of features and conveniences, it also has the capacity to irritate its users due to these types of system glitches. However, when you run into such problems, staying calm and dealing with them in the best way possible is all you can do. Despite its flaws, BeatStars remains an indispensable platform for independent artists and producers, and overcoming these minor setbacks is part and parcel of striving for greater success.


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