The Future of Music Production Polarizes with the Advent of AI


The rapid advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) is bringing about a significant transformation in the music industry. Particularly in the fields of rap and beat-making, AI-assisted composition and lyric generation have become possible. Artists’ reactions to this new technology are largely divided into two categories.

“Since AI can do it, there’s no need for me to do it anymore” – Giving up

Some artists feel that their raison d’être has been lost with the advent of AI, and they give up on music production. They believe that they cannot compete with AI, which possesses advanced technology and can create high-quality works in a short time. However, with this mindset, creativity will be taken away by AI, and the music scene will stagnate.

“Let’s utilize AI and create new expressions” – Taking on the challenge

On the other hand, some artists see the emergence of AI as an opportunity and seek to utilize it to explore new expressions. They skillfully use AI as a tool to complement their creativity, adding their own arrangements and ideas to create their unique worldview. By pursuing their own style of music while coexisting with AI, they can bring a fresh breeze to the music scene.


The way music is produced is changing significantly with the introduction of AI. However, the future of music will vary greatly depending on how artists face AI. Will they perceive AI as a threat and give up, or will they make AI their ally and create new expressions? This choice will greatly influence the music scene from now on. I hope that artists will continue to pursue their own style of music while coexisting with AI, expanding the possibilities of music.

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