The Importance of Individuality in Beatmaking: Finding Your Blue Ocean

Beatmaker Mindset

Often, the journey as a beatmaker starts by learning from other artists. However, getting too entangled in someone else’s style can hinder your ability to create your own unique beats.

Your individuality is the most crucial element for success in the world of beats. The only thing that can add something special to your sound is your uniqueness.

For instance, if you listen to SoundCloud, you’ll notice that many beatmakers rely on similar styles. As a result, their music often sounds unoriginal, giving the impression that you’ve heard it somewhere before.

Individuality is the power to differentiate your music from others. You need the courage to not get swept away by trends and to pursue your own style. By exploring your own unique niche as a beatmaker, you can garner support in a ‘Blue Ocean’ where there’s little competition.

Avoid battling in a ‘Red Ocean’ and instead assert your individuality in an untapped market. Once your sound gains people’s support, monetizing it becomes much easier.

In conclusion, the most important thing for succeeding as a beatmaker is to discover and retain your individuality. By crafting your own music, you can form a deep connection with your listeners and truly become a unique presence in the world of beatmaking.

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