The Importance of Releasing Dormant Beats

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In modern times, music production using digital devices like computers and MPCs has become more accessible, allowing many people to participate. Furthermore, music production utilizing AI is also gaining attention. However, often the music created ends up dormant as data, and its quality is not conveyed. Let’s consider the importance of releasing these dormant beats on computers and MPCs, as well as music created by AI.

Allowing people around the world to listen to your music

The biggest advantage of releasing dormant beats is the potential for people worldwide to listen to your music. By using free music platforms like YouTube and SoundCloud, or music streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music, you can deliver your music to a large audience.

Receiving evaluations and feedback to improve skills

By releasing your music, you can receive evaluations and feedback from others. Being pointed out areas for improvement and understanding how others perceive your music can help enhance your music production skills.Connecting with music peers and people interested in AI
Music has the power to connect people. When your music resonates with others, it can lead to interactions through music, opening up new encounters and possibilities. By releasing AI-generated music, you can connect with people interested in AI-based music production and contribute to its development.

Creating opportunities for self-expression

Releasing dormant beats can also boost your self-confidence. You can gain a sense of achievement and satisfaction from having your music recognized. However, the most important thing is to enjoy the creative process yourself.


By releasing dormant beats, there is a possibility for people around the world to listen to your music, and it can also lead to skill improvement. Releasing music, including AI-generated tracks, can showcase new musical possibilities and provide opportunities for interaction and self-expression. Above all, it’s crucial to enjoy the music production process and maintain confidence in the music you create.

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