The sound of Korg Gadget is too clean and too Hi-Fi. What should I do?

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The sound of Korg Gadget is too clean and too Hi-Fi. What should I do?

When it comes to the sound of Korg Gadget being too clean and too Hi-Fi, here are some approaches you can consider:

  1. Crafting your sound design
    Korg Gadget comes with over 40 high-quality built-in synthesizers and drum machines, allowing you to instantly create desired sounds with sophisticated parameters. However, if you want to avoid sounds that are too clean and perfect, you can intentionally aim for a lo-fi sound. Utilize effects like filters and distortion to add appropriate grit and muddiness to the sound, achieving a more analog-like texture.
  2. Adjusting the mix and mastering
    It’s important to adjust the EQ and compressor of each track to balance the overall sound. Be careful not to raise the overall volume too much, and maintain an appropriate dynamic range. Applying tape saturation or vintage compressor emulations can also be a way to achieve a more organic sound.
  3. Utilizing external gear
    It can be an interesting experiment to output the sound from Korg Gadget to external devices to change the sound texture. Passing the sound through tape echoes, guitar amplifiers, or outboard EQs can enable you to create a retro and lo-fi sound.
  4. Referencing other tracks
    Choose reference tracks that are close to the sound you want to achieve and challenge yourself to see how close you can get with Korg Gadget. This should give you hints on how to craft your sound.

In any case, how you utilize the high-quality sound of Korg Gadget is up to the creator. Pursue your ideal sound according to your genre and concept. “Dirtying up” a sound that is too perfect can be one of the joys of music production.

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