Transitioning from BeatStars Distribution to Soundrop, and My First Payout!

Music Diary

Hello, everyone. I have a special update to share today. It’s been a few months since I transitioned from BeatStars Distribution to Soundrop, and I’ve finally received my first payout! The amount is a mere $0.01, but this is a significant milestone in my music career.

A Small Amount, but Big Progress

Even if it’s just $0.01, this is an essential step forward. The moment I saw activity on the Start and Transaction pages of Soundrop for the first time, I was genuinely thrilled. I see this step as a significant move toward future success.

Migration Is Still Underway

However, not everything has gone smoothly. The songs I had previously uploaded on BeatStars are still labeled as “Migration In Progress.” This indicates that the migration process isn’t yet complete.

Days of Waiting

All that’s left to do now is to wait for the remaining tracks to complete their migration. During this time, I plan on actively working on creating new music and promotional activities. While this first payout might be small, at least it’s a sign that things are moving, and that is encouraging for what comes next.


The transition from BeatStars to Soundrop is not fully complete, but I feel like I’m making gradual progress. I believe this $0.01 will be the first step towards the success that many artists dream of, and I will continue to work hard in my musical endeavors.

I look forward to sharing more updates and new information next time. Until then, see you soon!

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