Utilizing Sub-Brands as a Beatmaker

Beatmaker Marketing

Leveraging sub-brands allows artists to explore different musical identities while building a loyal fan base for each style. This strategy is particularly effective for beat makers who are considering experimenting with new genres or projects. Here are some key points on how to effectively use sub-brands:

Setting Up Sub-Brands

  • Clarify the Purpose: Define the purpose of launching a sub-brand. Whether it’s to explore new genres, develop experimental projects, or target specific listener groups, tailor your strategy accordingly.
  • Choosing a Brand Name: Select a name for your sub-brand that reflects its musical direction. Decide whether to link it closely with your main brand or to establish it as completely independent.
  • Visual Identity: Create distinct logos and color schemes for each sub-brand to visually differentiate them. This helps listeners intuitively understand the musical characteristics of each brand.

Marketing Strategy

  • Identify Target Audiences: Specify the target audience for each sub-brand and tailor promotions to meet their needs.
  • Cross-Promotion: Promote your main brand and sub-brands mutually to share fan bases and create synergies. However, it’s crucial to respect the identity of each brand.
  • Social Media Integration: Manage separate social media accounts for each sub-brand to provide content that is more targeted. Also, attract listener interest through collaborations and events between different brands.

Release Strategy

  • Project-Based Releases: Operate sub-brands on a project basis, releasing works that adhere to specific themes or concepts to maintain consistency.
  • Exclusive Content: Attract and engage fans by offering sub-brand exclusive releases or special content.


Utilizing sub-brands is an effective way for beat makers to expand their creative range. Having different musical identities allows you to reach a more diverse audience and fully realize your potential as an artist. However, success hinges on maintaining clear identities for each brand and implementing strategic marketing.

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