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What are the expected uses if one sells music as a material?


What are the expected uses if one sells music as a material?


If you’re selling music as a material or asset, it can be used for a wide range of purposes, including:

  1. Video Production/Filmmaking: Your music could be used as background music in films, documentaries, or various kinds of video content.
  2. Podcasts: Music assets are often used for intro, outro, and transition segments in podcast episodes.
  3. Advertising: Music is commonly used in TV, radio, and online advertisements as background sound.
  4. Gaming: Your music could serve as background music (BGM) or sound effects in video games.
  5. Websites: Some websites use background music or feature it in promotional videos.
  6. Live Events: Your music may be used at live events, exhibitions, or trade shows as ambient sound.
  7. Meditation and Relaxation: Music assets can be sold for use in meditation or relaxation apps, CDs, or online platforms.
  8. Educational Content: Educational videos or presentations might incorporate your music.
  9. Hold Music: Your music could be used for on-hold music in telephone systems or as elevator music.
  10. In-Store Music: Restaurants, cafes, and retail stores often play background music.
  11. YouTube Videos: Independent creators frequently use music assets for their YouTube content.
  12. Sports Events: Your music could be played during intervals or timeouts at sporting events.

It’s important to note that the ways in which your music can be used might be restricted by the licensing terms you set. Whether the music can be used commercially, whether it can be modified, and whether credit must be provided are all factors that can limit its use, so make sure to clearly specify these details.


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