What is the best way to spend time when I can’t compose music?

Beatmaker Mindset

There are various ways to spend time when you can’t compose music.

First, try to relax without rushing. Forcing yourself to compose often doesn’t work well. I recommend taking time to relax by taking a walk, taking a bath, etc.

Next, listening to other artists’ music to gain inspiration is good too. Exposing yourself not just to your favorite genres, but to completely different genres of music, can give you new ideas.

Also, spending time on hobbies other than music allows you to get away from music. Enjoying things like watching movies, reading, sports, etc. can refresh you.

Moreover, AI-powered tools for generating music have recently emerged. Inputting your ideas into AI and using the generated music as a base can lead to new concepts. Instead of relying entirely on AI, it can be an interesting experiment to arrange the AI-generated music in your own way.

Periods when you can’t compose won’t last forever. What you need is rest, a change of pace, and new approaches. While it’s important to wait patiently, it might also be good to utilize new technologies like AI.

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