What will happen to the concept of copyright when songs composed by AI increase too much?


As AI-generated songs and other creative contents increase, discussions and legal provisions about copyright have also evolved. Here are some perspectives and current issues related to copyright with respect to AI:

  1. Existence of the Author: Traditional copyright laws are based on the premise of protecting human creativity. If AI creates an original work, the question arises: who is the “author” of that work?
  2. Economic Value: If works are produced in large quantities, the economic value of each work might decrease. This might diminish the meaning or significance of holding copyrights.
  3. Purpose of Copyright: The primary purpose of copyright is to provide economic incentives to creators. If AI becomes the primary creator, this purpose might need to be reevaluated.
  4. Data Used: Issues of copyright for the data or existing music used by AI during composition must be considered. This might lead to new copyright issues or disputes.
  5. Legal Definitions and Adaptations: Some countries are considering legal definitions and applications related to copyrights for AI-generated content.

Ultimately, factors like culture, law, economy, and technology will influence how the concept and treatment of copyright evolve. The relationship between AI and copyright will continue to spark much debate in the future.

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