When You Run Out of Beatmaking Ideas, It’s Time for AI to Step In


Beatmaking is a field in music production that demands a high level of creativity. However, it’s common for anyone to experience a drought of ideas at times. In such situations, why not leverage the power of AI?

Benefits of Using AI in Beatmaking

  1. Endless Inspiration: AI has a vast database, enabling it to generate beats in various genres and styles. This allows you to gain new ideas and expand your creative horizons.
  2. Time-Saving: Beatmaking requires a significant amount of time, but with AI, you can generate numerous beats in a short period. This drastically reduces the time you need to spend on production.
  3. Lowering Technical Barriers: Beatmaking requires a certain level of technical skill, but AI makes it easy for beginners to get started. You can use AI-generated beats as a foundation and add your own arrangements, gradually improving your skills.

Practical Examples of Using AI in Beatmaking

  1. Generating Drum Patterns: You can use AI to generate drum patterns. By specifying conditions such as rhythm, tempo, and genre, AI can create patterns that match your requirements.
  2. Generating Basslines: Similar to drum patterns, you can also use AI to generate basslines. By specifying conditions such as genre and key, AI can create basslines that fit your needs.
  3. Generating Melodies: AI can also be used to generate melodies. By specifying conditions such as chord progressions and scales, AI can create melodies that match your criteria.
  4. Selecting Samples: AI can assist in selecting samples. It can find samples that match your specified conditions from a vast sample library.

Precautions When Using AI in Beatmaking

  1. Copyright Issues: When using AI-generated beats, you need to be cautious about copyright issues. The data that AI learns from may include other people’s work.
  2. Originality Issues: AI-generated beats are ultimately created based on existing data. Therefore, they may lack originality. It’s crucial to add your own arrangements to the AI-generated beats.
  3. Sound Quality Issues: AI-generated beats may have low sound quality. Therefore, you need to adjust the sound quality using tools such as EQ and compressors.


Using AI in beatmaking can be a strong ally when you run out of ideas. It provides endless inspiration and saves time. Moreover, it lowers technical barriers, making it easy for beginners to get started.

However, you need to be cautious about copyright, originality, and sound quality issues. It’s essential to add your own arrangements to the AI-generated beats.By effectively utilizing AI, the possibilities of beatmaking become infinite. So, don’t hesitate to leverage the power of AI and create new beats.

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