Why do my beats always end up sounding like me, no matter how I arrange them?


Why do my beats always end up sounding like me, no matter how I arrange them?

There are several reasons why your own style tends to come through when arranging beats, even if you try to do it differently.

1. Preferred Sounds

You may be unconsciously influenced by the genres and sounds you usually listen to, naturally gravitating towards arrangements that resemble your preferences. It’s natural to choose sounds that you like.

2. Playing Style

Your playing style and habits on your instrument can easily be reflected in your arrangements. For example, the way you handle rhythm, dynamics, and phrasing in your usual performances can manifest in your arrangements.

3. Musical Background

The music theory you’ve learned and the styles of artists who have influenced you may naturally be reflected in your arrangements. The musical background you’ve cultivated over the years is not easily changed.

4. Source of Creativity

Expressing your own style is an important aspect of music production. By showcasing your originality and unique expression, you can create one-of-a-kind pieces. That’s why your own color naturally comes through.

Your distinctive arrangements can be seen as a manifestation of your musical identity. While leveraging that, you can broaden your musical horizons by incorporating new elements and collaborating with others. It’s important to cherish your individuality while maintaining an attitude of continuous growth.

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