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Why I Don’t Think BeatStars’ 12% Service Fee Is A Problem

Lately, there has been some criticism surrounding the 12% service fee imposed by BeatStars. Some producers and artists argue that if they have to give up 12% in fees, there’s no point in selling their beats on BeatStars. However, I disagree with this view for a number of reasons, which I’ll detail below.

Buyer’s Choices

BeatStars is a massive platform with many potential buyers looking for beats and music. If you’re only selling your beats through a Pro page or your own website, you might be missing out on a large chunk of potential customers. Buyers often compare different producers on BeatStars before making a purchase, so being on this marketplace can expose you to a new audience.

Coupon Adjustments

If you feel that the 12% fee is ‘high’, as a producer, you have the option to issue coupons. For instance, offering a 12% off coupon can effectively make this fee a non-issue. By doing this, you essentially cover the cost of the fee yourself, making it easier for the buyer as well.

Value of the Platform

The fees collected allow BeatStars to maintain and improve the platform, which in turn attracts more buyers. These funds enable a better selling environment for producers, making it easier to do business and generate sales in the long run.


While the 12% service fee on BeatStars might seem high at first glance, when you consider the benefits it brings, it becomes quite reasonable. The platform allows you to reach a broader audience, and there’s room for you to adjust pricing through coupons. So, although you might feel that the fee is high, in the grand scheme of things, it’s not really a problem in my opinion.


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