Why You Can’t Go Back Once You Start Making Beats with AI


In the world of music production, the use of AI is rapidly expanding. Particularly in beat-making, more and more people are being captivated by the convenience and possibilities that AI brings. However, once you start making beats with AI, many find it difficult to return to the old manual methods. Let’s explore the reasons behind this.

1. Increased Efficiency

Making beats with AI is significantly more efficient compared to manual work. Since ideas can be instantly brought to life, the speed of production increases dramatically. Once you experience this convenience, it becomes challenging to go back to the tediousness of manual work.

2. Endless Possibilities

AI has a vast database, which stimulates the user’s creativity. Many producers are fascinated by AI’s ability to propose patterns and sounds that humans alone might not think of. When faced with these endless possibilities, creating beats using only your own resources may feel inadequate.

3. Learning and Growth

By utilizing AI, you can also enhance your musical knowledge and skills. Analyzing the beats proposed by AI and arranging them in your own way leads to new discoveries and learning experiences. After going through this process of learning and growth, you may find it unsatisfying to create beats without AI.

4. The Joy of Collaboration

Making beats with AI can be seen as a kind of collaboration. The fusion of your ideas and AI’s suggestions can lead to unexpectedly interesting results. Once you experience the joy of this human-AI collaboration, working alone might feel boring.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that all producers should rely on AI. The value of making beats manually will never be lost. However, it’s true that many people find it difficult to return to their original production style after experiencing the convenience and possibilities of AI. Whether to start making beats with AI or not is a decision that each producer must make by confronting their own style, but there is a significant possibility of being captivated by its charm.

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