Without Love, Even Success is Meaningless

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Life is a one-time journey, and what is the secret to success on this journey? Many people chase after material success, focusing on money and social status. However, I believe that there are three critical layers to life: vitality, courage, and love.

Vitality: The Foundation of Life

Health is the foundation of life. Your body is your capital, and it’s only when you are healthy that you can truly start your life’s journey. Thus, vitality forms the most basic layer of the life pyramid. With health, anything becomes possible.

Courage: The Next Step Forward

However, vitality alone is not enough. You need the courage to take the first step. Many people shy away from risks, fearing the possibility of failure, but avoiding risks robs you of the chance to grow. While it’s crucial to eliminate essential risks, you need to embrace growth opportunities, even if they come with some level of risk.

Looking back on my own life, I find that what I regret most are the moments I didn’t take risks. These regrets stay with you for a long time.

Love: The Pinnacle of Life

Finally, no matter how successful you become, if you lack love, that success becomes meaningless.

Love elevates the success gained through vitality and courage to true ‘happiness.’ Love forms the pinnacle layer in the pyramid of life, and without it, everything else is meaningless.


While pursuing success is essential, if you don’t fill that success with love, it ultimately becomes a hollow achievement. Love is the most crucial element, built upon the foundations of vitality and courage.

The next time you aim for success, consider whether love is at the core of your pursuits. Let love be your foundation, and challenge each stage of life with vitality and courage.

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