[Beatmaking] Would writing “beat made by human” become a brand in the AI era?

The phrase “beat made by human” in the AI era carries a lot of potential as a brand for several reasons:

1. Authenticity & Artistry:

  • Human Touch: It signals that the beat has the nuances and imperfections that only a human producer could create. This stands in contrast to the sometimes overly-polished and formulaic nature of AI-generated music.
  • Skill Showcase: It emphasizes the beatmaker’s knowledge, talent, and effort that went into the creation process.
  • Uniqueness: In an increasingly AI-driven world, human-made products become intrinsically more special and unique.

2. Ethical Considerations:

  • Creative Ownership: It asserts the beatmaker’s creative control and intellectual property rights, as opposed to AI algorithms claiming a significant part of the creation.
  • Transparency: It brings forth a sense of transparency in a field where the line between human-made and AI-assisted might become blurry.

3. The Appeal of Nostalgia & Tradition:

  • Hip Hop Roots: It pays homage to Hip Hop’s beatboxing origins, where the “human beatbox” held significant status.
  • Warmth and Feeling: It evokes the familiar feel of analog sounds and classic sampling, which may be particularly appealing to some listeners.

How to build a brand around “beat made by human”:

  • Demonstrate the Process: Showcase the steps you take to craft your beats, highlighting your personal touch. Use videos, blog posts, or tutorials.
  • Collaborate with Artists: Create a unique sound with vocalists, rappers, and other instrumentalists by combining your beats with their human artistry.
  • Create a Community: Connect with like-minded beatmakers and music enthusiasts who value the human element in music production.
  • Storytelling: Communicate the stories, inspiration, and emotions behind your beats.

Potential Challenges:

  • Market Differentiation: You’ll need to clearly distinguish your beats from both AI-generated and other human-made options.
  • AI as a Tool: As AI tools continue to advance, some beatmakers might incorporate them into their workflow, but still maintain a primarily human-led creation process.

Overall, the phrase “beat made by human” has the potential to be an impactful brand in the AI era. It will appeal to those who value authenticity, craftsmanship, and the irreplaceable human touch in music creation.