How AI-Generated Music Can Enhance Originality


Many argue that AI-generated music inhibits originality, but I take the opposite stance. I believe that AI-generated music has the potential to encourage creativity and provide fresh musical experiences. In this article, we will explore why AI-generated music might actually enhance originality.

The Challenge of Royalty-Free Music

Firstly, when using royalty-free music, there’s a risk that many creators might end up using the same piece. In today’s world where music is increasingly used in creative projects and advertisements, this can become an issue. Repeated use of the same music across different contexts can diminish its uniqueness and lead to monotony.

Advantages of AI Music Generation

On the other hand, AI-generated music can serve as a means to inspire creators and boost originality. Let’s examine some of the advantages of AI music generation:

1. Creative Inspiration

AI learns from a vast dataset of music, allowing it to blend various genres and styles. Creators can draw inspiration from the music AI generates and incorporate it into their unique works. This can lead to the birth of new musical ideas and an increase in originality.

2. Customizable Music

AI can tailor music to match the preferences and requirements of individual users. This means that it can create original music that suits specific needs, making it ideal for special projects.

3. Exploring New Music Genres

AI isn’t confined to existing music genres; it can explore and experiment with new styles and genres. This promotes creative challenges and enhances the diversity of music.

4. Unique Musical Experiences

AI-generated music possesses a distinct personality, even if it shares some elements with other music. Each piece is subtly different, offering a unique musical experience. This introduces a fresh sensation for both listeners and creators, ensuring originality.


AI-generated music opens up new possibilities in creative fields and has the potential to boost originality. By going beyond the limitations of royalty-free music and exploring uncharted musical territories, we can cultivate a richer music culture. The collaboration between AI and humans is shaping the future of music into something more enticing and diverse.

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