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Shaping the Future with AI Beat Creation: Pondering “What Is Our Value?”

One places headphones on, takes a deep breath. From silence emanates music, beats that touch our souls. The process of making music is a unique creative journey for artists, but it’s also being significantly influenced by new technologies, especially Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Two viewpoints emerge: “Everyone will probably do it because you can create beats faster with AI, so there’s no point in me doing it” versus “I can mass-produce because I can create beats faster with AI.” These might seem like mere positive and negative filters at first glance, but they could actually represent diverging paths in the future of music production.

Viewpoint One: “Everyone Will Do It, So There’s No Point in Me Doing It”

There’s a notable pitfall in this mindset. It presupposes that when everyone has access to the same tools, the resulting work becomes homogenized and the uniqueness and value of individual creators are diluted. Indeed, the convenient tools offered by AI are accessible to all, and using them enables anyone to create beats at a certain level. However, the crucial question here becomes: “How do I express and differentiate myself?”

Viewpoint Two: “I Can Mass-Produce Because AI Allows for Quick Creation”

This perspective contains a positivity that maximizes the advantages of technology. Utilizing AI allows artists to make efficient use of time and rapidly bring ideas to fruition. While “mass production” can imply rapid and consistent output, it also enables the continuous provision of high-quality works, maintaining a connection with listeners and offering new music. This could be a means to fully harness the latent power of artists.

The Path to Future Music Production

What’s vital is how artists themselves choose to confront and utilize the impact that AI brings to music creation. Finding ways to enjoy the convenience and efficiency of beat-making AI while preserving artistic uniqueness could be the key to future music production.

For instance, artists could adopt an approach that customizes existing tools in their own style, using AI-created beats as a base and layering their original melodies and arrangements on top. As a result, they could produce uniquely original works while making effective use of time.


Coexisting with and leveraging AI, we can expand new horizons in music. AI remains a tool, and the true value lies in how it’s used and how we express and inspire through it. How individual artists utilize AI and express themselves will be the key to shaping the future music scene.

Our value lies in how adeptly we utilize technology while maintaining uniqueness and generating empathy and emotion. The future of music production holds infinite possibilities, dependent on how we build our relationship with AI.


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