How to Create Artistic Artwork for Music Distribution Using Your iPhone

Music is more than just sound. It’s an expression of emotions, stories, and visions. To convey this vision visually, captivating artwork is essential. Today, I’ll share how to create stunning artwork for music distribution platforms using your iPhone.

Step 1: Finding Inspiration

The first step is finding the base photo or image for your artwork. My recommendation is the ‘Unsplash’ app. Unsplash offers a plethora of professional photos for free under the Unsplash License. Here, choose a photo that matches the mood or theme of your music.

Step 2: Leveraging AI

Alternatively, you can register on and use the Stable Diffusion XL chat to create unique images generated by AI. This is an especially appealing option for artists seeking originality.

Step 3: Customizing with the Phonto App

Once you have your image, it’s time to use the ‘Phonto’ app. Phonto is an iOS app that is free to use, though it offers a paid option to remove ads. With this app, you can add text and other design elements to your chosen image. Insert the title, artist name, and any other information to personalize your artwork.

Step 4: Save and Share

Finally, save the artwork you’ve created in the Phonto app. Now, it’s ready to be shared alongside your music. Artwork is a critical element in forming the first impression for listeners. Using this method, your music will stand out more and leave a lasting impression on your audience.


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