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Creating Original Artwork as a Beatmaker

For beatmakers, music production is always a creative process and a challenge in pursuit of originality. However, the method of creating artwork might not have received as much attention. In reality, artwork is a powerful tool for beatmakers to promote their work and express originality. This article explains how beatmakers can create original artwork.

Decide on a Concept

Before starting to create artwork, it’s crucial to decide on a concept. Since artwork is a graphical representation of a beatmaker’s music, establishing a concept beforehand ensures that the artwork aligns with the music. When thinking about a concept, beatmakers should consider elements and messages that characterize their music, as well as artists or genres that influence them. Successful artwork expresses the beatmaker’s image, requiring a well-thought-out concept.

Visualize the Image

After deciding on a concept, the next step is to visualize the image.

What does ‘visualize the image’ mean?

Visualizing the image means transforming ideas or concepts in your mind into concrete visual images. In music and beatmaking, visualizing helps clarify the concept and direction of the work, aiding in the creation of artwork. Detailed visualization by the beatmaker ensures all necessary information for the artwork is captured.

How to Visualize the Image

There are several methods to visualize an image, including:

  • Sketching: Drawing the image in your mind on paper helps in visualization. Consider shape, color, and composition while sketching.
  • Image Search: Searching keywords on search engines can help find specific images that align with your vision.
  • Creating an Idea Board: An idea board, with collected images, photos, and sketches, helps organize elements for the artwork.

Use Design Tools

Design tools simplify the creation of artwork for beatmakers.

Software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, Canva, and Figma provide all necessary tools. These tools help combine elements, adjust composition, and edit colors and text, making the design process more efficient.

Free Design Tools

  • Canva: An online design tool for creating posters, flyers, and social media images.
  • GIMP: An open-source image editing software with Photoshop-like features.
  • Inkscape: An open-source vector graphics editor similar to Illustrator.
  • Gravit Designer: An online design tool with Illustrator-like features.
  • Piskel: An online tool for creating pixel art.

Tools for Creating AI Art

Some notable tools include, RunwayML, and ArtBreeder, which transform images into AI art.

Consider Using Photography

Using photography in artwork is also worth considering. Select photos that match the concept and tone of the artwork.

Select Text

Adding text to artwork can highlight the beatmaker’s name or track title. Carefully choose the font, color, and size to ensure harmony with the artwork.

Establish a Unique Style

To express originality, it’s crucial for beatmakers to establish their style. This means expressing personal preferences and identity without being overly influenced by others. Avoid confusing imitation with copying; transform borrowed ideas into something uniquely yours.


This article outlined methods for beatmakers to create original artwork. Remember, artwork is a critical tool to express music, requiring thoughtful consideration in concept, visualization, design tool usage, text selection, and establishing a unique style. Taking time to craft your artwork is highly recommended.


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