Some people distribute the music they’ve created as royalty-free, but is that just pretending to be kind to others?

People who distribute their music royalty-free do so for various reasons. Some may want to share their work with more people or contribute to the creative community, choosing to offer it for free. This act can be seen as a form of kindness or support toward others. Additionally, providing music without copyright restrictions can increase exposure, potentially leading to fame or paid opportunities in the future.

On the other hand, offering royalty-free music can also be a marketing strategy or reflect an individual’s philosophy. For example, some may adopt a freemium model, where certain works are available for free while access to advanced features or special content requires payment. This approach aims to attract a wider audience.

In summary, distributing music royalty-free can be both an expression of kindness and a strategic choice. The intentions behind such decisions vary from person to person, but they commonly share a desire to share their creations and build relationships with their audience.