When recording rap vocals, is it better to make the breath sounds less noticeable through mixing, or is it better not to apply such processing?

When it comes to recording rap vocals, there is no definitive answer on whether breath sounds should be made less noticeable through mixing or left unprocessed. The decision should depend on the artist’s style, the song’s mood, and the desired atmosphere they want to convey.

Benefits of making breath sounds less noticeable:

  • Smoother flow of lyrics, enhancing the listener’s immersion
  • Emphasizes the rapper’s technical skills
  • Prevents breath sounds from distracting the listener and disrupting their focus on the song

On the other hand, benefits of keeping breath sounds:

  • Gives the rap a more realistic and raw feel
  • Allows the listener to sense the artist’s energy and passion
  • Deliberately leaving some roughness can help express the song’s intended vibe
  • Breath sounds can become part of the rhythm, contributing to the overall groove

Ultimately, choosing the most appropriate method of expression for each song is crucial. The treatment of breath sounds should be considered as part of this process. It’s advisable to discuss the direction with the producer and engineer, rather than adhering to a uniform rule. Explore ways to use breath sounds that highlight the uniqueness of each song.