Is MIDI 2.0 support important for beatmaking?

The importance of MIDI 2.0 support in beatmaking depends on your current workflow and your future goals.

Advantages of MIDI 2.0

  • Enhanced expressiveness: Offers finer control over sound parameters, smoother bends, and advanced articulations, expanding your ability to create expressive beats.
  • Improved workflow: Allows you to save and share complex parameter settings and edit multiple tracks simultaneously.
  • New possibilities: Opens doors to innovative sounds and playing techniques not possible with traditional MIDI.

Current state of MIDI 2.0 adoption

  • Software support: Not all DAWs and plugins are fully compatible yet.
  • Hardware requirements: You’ll need new MIDI controllers and sound modules to take advantage of MIDI 2.0
  • Compatibility: There may be compatibility issues with older MIDI gear.

Assessing its importance

  • Eager to use the latest tech: If you are keen on better expressive control and workflow efficiency, actively consider adopting MIDI 2.0.
  • Content with your current setup: If your existing workflow is satisfactory and you’re not fascinated by the new features, there’s no urgent need to upgrade.
  • Wait and see: You can monitor the growth of compatible software and hardware before deciding when to adopt MIDI 2.0.


MIDI 2.0 is a groundbreaking protocol with the potential to transform beatmaking, but there are still challenges to adoption at this point. I recommend carefully evaluating whether it fits your specific needs and current setup.